About Us

We are committed to supporting, building and empowering families on the Hibiscus Coast.

Coast Families’ Trust is partnering with local primary schools to support parents and caregivers to create stronger families.

We have three part time workers, Kathi Harris (Red Beach Primary School), Snowy Guo (Gulf Harbour Primary School) and Sonia Cope (Stanmore Bay Primary School). Our aim is to work alongside families in various ways and to endeavour to meet the individual specific needs of each family, adults and children, to empower them to build stronger family relationships.

Coast Families Trust is a registered charity and has a Board of Trustees who provide oversight and accountability for our workers.

Kathi Harris – Families Worker (Red Beach Primary School)

Snowy Guo – Families Worker (Gulf Harbour Primary School)

Sonia Cope- Families Worker (Stanmore Bay School)

Mike Enright – Families Worker Supervisor

For more information on Coast Families please email: info@coastfamilies.co.nz